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I.702 1-6


From the Library of Sir James Gow Mann, Master of the Armouries 1939-1962. Part of a portfolio of miscellaneous prints of arms and armour, labelled: 'Purchased from Guntrip of Tonbridge, Dec., 1951 - apparently ex-Baron de Cosson (with his handwriting on a print of a pistol).'

Physical Description

Extracted from: Florent Gille, 'Musee de Tzarskoe Selo, ou Collection d'Armes de Sa Majeste l'empereur de toutes les Russies.', 2 volumes, St. Petersburg and Karlsruhe, 1835-1853. 180 plates, lithographed by Asselineau, after the original drawings by A. Rockstuhl.

Vol. I.
1. 11 c. Centre. German powder flask.
2, 3 . 37 Upper. 2 views of a war hat.

Vol. II.
4. CXXII, Upper. Embossed burgonet.
5. CXXVII, Upper. Embossed burgonet, with a comb and a foliate mask above the peak, Italian, 16th century.
CXL, Upper. Italien burgonet of the 16th century, decorated with a monster as a crest.


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