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Physical Description

With slightly flared blade and straight fluke, the tip of the latter inclined towards the haft. The head is attached to the haft by 2 round-ended langets secured by 2 rivets. Browny-red coloured wood haft adjacent to the langet.

Inscriptions and Marks

Haft marked: marked II. Blade stamped 'I. SARGANT' and 'MABERLEY/68'. Head stamped 'BO'beneath broad arrow; pheon.


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

P.J. Lankester and G. Rimer, 'A 19th-century chest of arms', Royal Armouries Yearbook, III, 1998, pp. 77-108, at p. 86 - example of boarding axe marked Sargant or Sargent, probably both indicating Isaac Sarga/ent, other Royal Armouries examples listed).


For a list of other boarding axes in the Royal Armouries marked with the same name of Sargant or Sargent and for the maker Isaac Sarga/ent generally, see entry for VIII.259 (Notes).