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Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Star Model Z-70

Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Star Model Z-70



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Presented by Sussex Police, 12th November 1992.

Physical Description

A blowback sub machine gun based on the Czech Model 25, it is a standard configuration weapon with a cylindrical steel receiver and plastic gripped pistol grip in front of which is a single stack box magazine. The breech mechanism is cocked by a rod on the front left of the barrel casing. The barrel is shrouded apart from approximately two inches which protrudes beyond the casing. This model is semi-automatic having no fire select button above the left grip. There is a push button sefety catch on the grip. A folding skeleton buttstock is fitted. The sights are front post and flip up two poition rear sight. The weapon is finished in black crackle and has a rear sling swivel on the rear body locking cap


Dimensions: Overall length: (stock extended ) 701 mm, Overall length: (stock folded) 480 mm Weight: 2.87 kg


Serial Number 230517


9 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

L.mag housing: STAR EIBAR ESPANA MODELO Z-70.230517.Proofed and date stamped


Places Spain