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Mail chausses (pyjama zereh)

Mail chausses (pyjama zereh)



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Acquired before 1859. Lent to the British Museum in 1914 and returned in 1954.

Physical Description

Composed of butted mail with a diapered diamond pattern worked in with brass rings. The trousers are en suite with the shirt. They comprise two separate legs fitted with a drawstring for the waist.The outer fabric is of red striped silk, with a lining of buff cotton. The mail is sewn into place so as to cover the region from the thighs to the ankles, a short piece of fabric extending below the mail. Small plastic bag attatched with links removed from xxvia.6


Dimensions: The length from the waist to the lower hem is 890 mm, the length of the mail is 690 mm. Weight: The weight of the pyjama is 2.9 kg.


Bibliographic References

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Given a separate value as these were not to be included in a loan and value would then be total above less the £650