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Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Martini Henry Mk.II

Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Martini Henry Mk.II



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Old Tower Collections.

Physical Description

General Type Description: The breech chamber consists of the junction between the barrel and the stock. The breech of the barrel is enlarged at its base to form a chamber for the cartridge. A moveable block is operated by a pivoting lever. The short arm of the lever fits into a groove formed in the block its extremity is rounded to allow free movement. The block is supported in position by the lever preventing any change in position being caused by the force of discharge. On the upper side of the block is a hollow which corresponds with the aperture in the barrel when it is in position for the cartridge to be placed in it.
A cocking indicator is found on the right side of the action body taking the external form of a 'tear-drop' shaped switch.
Butt and fore-end of wood stocked to within 3.1 inches of muzzle. A single Baddeley barrel band is found forward of the main sight where the sectional measurement of the stock decreases slightly. The fore-end is fitted with a barrel band which carries a bayonet bar and the forward sling swivel.
The rear sling swivel is fitted to the underside of the butt
Chequered buttplate.
The main sight is of the ramp and ladder type.
The foresight is of the unprotected inverted V block type


Serial Number None visible


.577/.450 in

Inscriptions and Marks

On the right side of the action body: Crown over VR, ENFIELD, 1872, other marks obscured by corrosion.On the knocksform: Marks obscured by corrosion. Right of butt: Enfield stores roundel over I. Left of butt: 72


Places Britain


See I.D.Skennerton and B.A.Temple,'A Treatise on the British Military Martini', Arms and Armour Press 1983.