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Wheellock pistol

Wheellock pistol



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Presented by the Metropolitan Police, 27th August 1992.

Physical Description

Relic condition. Gold damascus decoration on the top flat of the barrel is similar to that identified as the work of Damianus de Nerve, the trees, buildings and general style are shown in an article by Claud Blair, ref: Metropolitan Museum Journal vol 3/1970. The style of the weapon is similar to that shown in Feuer Waffen 1 by Arne Hoff, Page 72 abb 59. Traces of the decoration show that the lock and five visable flats of the barrel were gold damacened


Dimensions: Overall length: 800 mm (31.5 in), Barrel length: 584 mm (23 in) Weight: 1.93 kg (4 lb 5 oz)


Serial Number None visible


.40 in (75 bore)

Bibliographic References

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