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Object Number


Physical Description

Variations, losses, damage, etc:


BladeLength819 mm
BladeWidth41 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Blade: crown over (?); spine: 'BATE'.



For this pattern generally and for other examples in the Royal Armouries, see entry for IX.245, under Notes.
The audit status was changed from Audited to Missing on 19/08/03, after it was noticed that the location was given as Store 3 S 11. This is impossible since that zone is for English and Scottish basket-hilted swords. The previous two location changes are undated and unsigned. A search of likely locations in Store 3 failed to find the sword. With the exception of this and 8 other swords, all those in the sequence IX.2369-2416 (all 1796 Light Cavalry trooper's pattern) are in the Hall of Steel (inner 4 or inner 8). The total located there on STAR is 39 which, being an odd number, looks suspicious. 7 of the 8 others are in Store 3 S 51, and one is in the Leeds Education Centre. The immediate previous location for IX.2374 is HS 14 3 (an old style Hall of Steel location). For several reasons it therefore seems very likely that IX.2374 will turn out to be in the Hall of Steel but this cannot be checked until access is possible. (PJL, 19/08/03).