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Glaive / Dao

Glaive / Dao



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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1985.

Physical Description

The blade is double edged except at the back towards the socket. It expands to the tip which curves back to form a hook, behind which is a cut-out, cusped section. The rearmost cusp is pierced with a small hole, and has split. On either side of the blade, centrally placed is a brass hemisphere. The tang is enclosed by a brass dragon's head (broken through where it joins into a collar around the shaft), and is fixed into the haft by a cylindrical iron collar with a lip on its lower edge, and by two rivets passing right through. The wooden haft is stained red and of round section. Much of the surface has been abraided. The blade is rusty.


Dimensions: overall length: 2299 mm (90.8 in), blade length: 773 mm (30.5 in), dragon head length: 114 mm (4.5 in), collar length: 162 mm (6.4 in) Weight: 3.55 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped MA 2811.


Places China

Bibliographic References

Official Catalogue of the Museum of Artillery in the Rotunda, London, 1874: 157, no. 2811

Official Catalogue of the Museum of Artillery in the Rotunda, Woolwich, London, 1889: 172 no. XVII.649


Packing dims: The overall length is 90 3/4' the max width is 12' and the depth is 2'.