Object Title

Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



Object Number



Old Tower collection; probably Tower arsenal. First numbered when found in store, 1982; first individually described by Valuation Team when in Brick Tower Store, rack 3L, 1987.

Physical Description

Variations, losses, damage, etc:


Dimensions: Sword, overall max length: approx. 950 mm, blade length: 826 mm (32.5 in) or 851 mm (33.5 in), blade width: 41 mm (1 5/8 or 1.625 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on IN/OUTside, near hilt (CHECK), stamped: crown over '4'.On blade, on back, near hilt (CHECK), stamped: 'OSBORN / & GUNBY' and (further along? - CHECK) 2 incised lines, the lower one with B.On scabbard, on IN/OUTside, WHERE?, METHOD?: 'WOOLLEY / DEAKIN / DU[TT]ON / [&] / JO[H]NSON'.


Bibliographic References

P.J. Lankester and G. Rimer, 'A 19th-century chest of arms', Royal Armouries Yearbook, III, 1998, pp. 77-108, at p. 106, note 3 (example of scabbard marked Woolley, Deakin, Dutton and Johnson).


For this pattern generally and for other examples in the Royal Armouries, see entry for IX.245, under Notes.
For general information on the maker Osborn(e) & Gunby, see entry for IX.245, under Notes.
For general information on the various firms that incorporated the name of Woolley, see entry for IX.250, under Notes.
The maker's name on scabbard is struck with same stamp as IX.2357 and IX.3807.