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Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap



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Tower arsenal. Probably from a cuirass captured from a French ship at the seige of La Rochelle in 1627 by Marshal Toiras,

Physical Description

It comprises five scales of an irregular rectangular form and of decreasing width, and a terminal plate pierced with a keyhole slot, each attached by four rivets with square internal washers to a buff leather strap. Each of the edges is bordered by a double incised line decoration. The rear edge of the upper scale is cut into four scallops beneath the two central of which are two rivet-holes for the attachment to the backplate. The terminal plate, which is stamped, narrows to a rough point at which there is a rivet for the attachment of a prehensile leather tab by means of which the keyhole slot was fitted over a stud on the breastplate. Riveted to III.195 for display, 6 September 2006.


Dimensions: Length 340 mm (13.4 in.), maximum width 85 mm (3.3 in.) Weight: 365 g (12 oz)

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Places France