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Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap



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Tower arsenal. Probably from a cuirass captured from a French ship at the seige of La Rochelle in 1627 by Marshal Toiras,

Physical Description

It is restored to only three scales of an irregular rectangle form of decreasing width, and a terminal plate pierced with a keyhole slot. Each was originally attached by four rivets to a leather strap of which the upper left and the lower right rivets of the second and third scale remain but are filled flush on the inside, while the twelve remaining rivets are modern replacements, attached to a leather strap with round internal washers and small square nuts, of which the upper left and right of the upper scale is missing. The edges of the scales and terminal plate are bordered by double incised line decoration. The rear edge of the upper scale is cut into four scallops beneath the two central of which are two rivets, filed flush on the inside, for the attachment to the backplate. The terminal plate, which is stepped, narrows to a rough point at which there is a rivet for the attachment of a prehensible leather tab by means of which the keyhole slot was fitted over a stud on the breastplate. It is painted black and is a restored pair to III.2914. Riveted to III.191 for display, 6 September 2006.


Dimensions: Length 257 mm (10.1 in.), maximum width 87 mm (3.4 in.) Weight: 255g (8 oz)

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