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Matchlock musket (toradar)

Matchlock musket (toradar)



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Transferred from Woolwich Rotunda in 1979.

Physical Description

Dark coloured wood stock, oval in section and rounded behind the breech where it steps downwards then curves slightly upwards towards the rounded butt. The butt retains the remains of nails that suggest it may have have had some form of buttcap. The trigger is pierced with two holes, one circular, the other with stepped edges. There remains a fragment of a thin iron plate that may have surrounded the trigger and extend towards the forend. There remains one binding of bamboo around the stock and barrel. The barrel itself is of round section, tapering sharply near the breech where there is a simple moulding with the remains of brass inlay. The gun is fitted with a pan cover.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is now 659 mm, the overall length being 1037 mm. Weight: The gun weighs 2.8 kg.


14 mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

Behind the barrel tang is painted the number 17 over 25 in white. On the side of the stock is punched the number MA 2387.


Places India, Coorg


The end of the barrel and the forend have been roughly cut off causing considerable damage to the wood.