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Physical Description

Is of standard naginata form with a large invected hamon of nioi. The tang is ubu and signed. It is fitted with a silver foil covered niju habaki.
Below the blade is a small copper tsuba having a shakudo foil covered rim with a silver foil covered seppa above and below it. Oval shaft of black lacquered oak decorated on both flattened surfaces with alternating mon in gold lacquer, four evenly spaced on one side and three on the other. At the top a silver foil covered mount with a shaped lower edge and inome piercings. Below that two rings and a further shaped mount above the gold lacquered handstop. At the base of the shaft is a silver foil covered ferrule with a shaped edge and a blackened iron shoe. The scabbard is of plain black lacquer with a mon in gold on each side.


Dimensions: Length of blade is 344 mm, length of tang is 458 mm, total length of the shaft is 1770 mm and the distance from the top to the upper edge of the hand-stop is 430 mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

Blade is signed 'Musashi ju Fujiwara Kuniyasu'


Places Japan


Kuniyasu is listed in Hawley' 'Japanese Swordsmiths'' as working c. 1684. One of the mon on the shaft and scabbard is of a three petalled flower in a circle used by the Fujii family, the other a mulberry leave in a circle used by the Yamamoto family, Seishi' 'Kamon no Jiten''.