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Found in the Oriental Armoury, 10 August 1992.

Physical Description

The pattern welded blade is straight and single edged, with a short, angular point and a flat back. Four rippling laminations run down its length. The hilt is of iron with a wooden core. The pommel is of lotus bud form, set on the outside with a large turquoise in a petalled setting bordered by much damaged fretted scrolls, and it has a staple at the rear. The grip is bound with wire, with a central engraved strip. Towards the blade is a ferrule of square section, fretted at the front with interlacing flame scrolls. To this is riveted a roughly circular silver plate, embossed with foliage and set with a large, poor carnelian. Two of the copper rivets are missing.

Scabbard is of wood covered with what was once crimson silk (perhaps velvet), but which is now brown and mottled. It is bound with two iron borders, one running down the lower edge to the base and up again as far as the first suspension loop. The second runs down the back from the throat, and then expands to form two lobed suspension loops, joined by a flat section with a lobe for the attachment of a joining piece at the centre. There are three brass binding bands, decorated with key frets and each set with a whorl-like flower, the outer two with four and the central one with six petals. At the throat and chape are fitted panels of silver, fretted with scrolling and interlacing foliage, that on the throat with a central flower, that on the chape with a sinuous, hungry dragon. The scabbard is fitted with a simple hanger of red leather.


Dimensions: Overall length 889 mm (35.0 in), blade length 745 mm (29.3 in)

Bibliographic References

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