Object Title

Sword (wakizashi)

Sword (wakizashi)



Object Number



Unknown. Found in store, 1992.

Physical Description

Shinogi zukuri with slight fumbari and medium length kissaki, very slight koshi zori, ihori mune. Almost parallel with flat kurijiri end and single tang hole. Mumei with horizontal file marks. Hamon: very large crab claws of ko nie with isolated spots inside and between, becoming erratic towards monouchi. Hada: not visible. Boshi: not visible. Habaki: polished gilded copper deep cutouts below gilt copper seppa.
The saya has a round end, and is covered in brownish lacquer decorated with pine needles in red lacquer. The kurigata missing. The hilt is covered with black braid over good quality same. The fuchi/gashira are of shakudo nanako with details in relief and gilded, the fuchi with five nobles under a tree with a pot and rakes, the kashira with part of a house and clouds. The menuki are dragons of shakudo with gilded eyes. Nanban tsuba of octagonal shape with a beaded rim, decorated with two adorsed dragons and a loose tama at the top. Seppa dai of waisted rectangular shape. Traces of gilding. The kodzuka is of iron decorated with turtles in relief amid rocks, the water in silver and details in gold. The kogatana blade signed Bizen Okiyama ju Kunimune.


Dimensions: length: 529 mm, sori 12 mm, width at machi 29 mm, width at yokote 19 mm, length: of kissaki 30 mm, hilt length: 165 mm, saya length: 572 mm Weight: blade 0.580 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Blade unsigned.


Places Japan


The katana from the pair is XXVIS.158. Attribution to the late Bizen Sukesada by Deryk Ingham, 1998.