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Pair of javelins and case (jarid)

Pair of javelins and case (jarid)



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Acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

The two javelins are essentially alike, the shafts being made from sheet rolled into an octagonal tube with faint facets. At the point of balance the tube has been forged with tight spiral grooves with a knurled band around the centre, forming a grip. The points are long tapering triangles with a pronounced mid rib, partially hollow ground leaving the point thickened. Below the blade is a spherical knop and a tapering octagonl socket. At the rear end is a flattened spatulate terminal, decorated like the socket of the head with lavish gold overlay. Bands around the ends of the grip section and further up the shaft are also gilded. The two javelins are housed in a wooden case made up from two tubes fastened side by side. The entire surface is covered in red velvet, the outer face being almost obscured by heavy embroidery of gold braid and thread. There is no means of attaching the case to a saddle or hanging it from a belt.


Dimensions: The length of the javelins is 844 mm, the blades being 145 mm long. The length of the scabbard being 740 mm. Weight: The weight of javelin a is 0.4 kg, that of b is 0.35 kg and the weight of the scabbard is 0.45 kg.

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Places Persia

Bibliographic References

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