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Percussion muzzle-loading musket - By Westley Richards

Percussion muzzle-loading musket - By Westley Richards


about 1836

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Old Tower Collection

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William Westley Richards patent No. 7041 of March 22nd 1836 refers. The lock-plate is slightly rounded, with a tit at the rear, and is neatly converted from flintlock, with the holes being filled up. A flat cock with bevelled edges has been fitted, which has a broad flat shield on the forward edge of the nose, but not the usual enclosed shield. The plate is engraved ahead of the cock, WESTLEY RICHARDS. Stocked to 1 ½ in. of the muzzle, no bayonet stud or foresight; this may indicate a cut-down barrel. Brass furniture of India Pattern throughout, the stock of New Land Pattern. The combination of styles clearly indicate a specially constructed weapon, not an altered arm. The breech has a nipple seat welded on, which is basically a drum type with a flash guard built in round the rear and right sides, and a large clean-out screw which is both slotted for a turn screw and made with a square for a spanner, on the outer side. The nipple is short and rounded at the top, with a small aperture, the diameter being about that for the musket-cap. The cock does not quite rest on the nipple.



BarrelLength40.5 in.
BarrelLength1029 mm
OverallLength56.8 in.
OverallLength1441 mm


Serial Number none


0.69 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Name of maker
Plate ahead of the cock