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Physical Description

The triangular shaped blade is of flattened lozenge section with a reinforced point and is overlaid with decorated silver gilt down the centre and at the base. The blade is fitted into a bolster that connects to the socket by a moulded knop, all covered in silver gilt. The shaft is of black wood, split in the centre with elaborately embossed and chased mounts of silver decorated with flowers and foliage and double decorated knops at either end. At the base is a long iron mount similarly decorated.


Dimensions: The overall length is 2358 mm and the length of head and socket is 385 mm. Weight: The weight of the spear is 1.65 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

There is a brass tag marked 15 over 440.


Bibliographic References

J. Hewitt, Official catalogue of the Tower Armouries, London, 1859, no. xv.397, p. 111.

Viscount Dillon, Illustrated guide to the Armouries, London, 1910, xv.440, p. 33.


The butt ending of this spear is exactly the same as XXVIC.66.