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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Polished steel bowl made of four main plates overlapped by four others having cusped edges and a central rib. The plates are pierced with pairs of holes for leather thongs that held it together, but all are now fastened with iron wire. At the apex is a shape plate extending into a flattened spherical knop surmounted by a hole. Around the base are two rows of holes for attaching a neckguard and lining. The ribs are not embossed from the plates, but have been formed by forging from a thick plate. One cusp on one of the plates has been repaired by brazing. Several of the inner plates have been modified by having new holes drilled to make the helmet smaller.


Dimensions: Width 212 mm, length 202 mm, depth 141 mm, knop height 60 mm Weight: 1450 g (3 lb 3 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Each plate is numbered inside I-IIIIIIII, possibly when the places were wired together.


Places Tibet