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about 1680

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Not recorded in IBE. Tower arsenal?

Physical Description

Flamboyant blade with pronounced medial rib and upcurved wings at the base; the top of the octagonal socket chiselled with acanthus leaves, the base pierced for a transverse peg, now missing. The langets are missing. The blued blade damascened in gold on each face with the arms of France and Navarre below a crown and encircled by the orders of Saint Espirit and Saint Michel. Below, a foliate pattern involves two figures representing Fame. Above, the motto N E C PLURIBUS IMPAR surmounts a sun in splendour, and a trophy of arms and flags between four fleurs-de-lys. Old haft covered with worn red velvet and studded with brass rods.



Dimensions: Length of head: approx 562 mm (22.1 in)


Places France


This partizan belongs to group of which examples include A1009 at the Wallace Collection, London. It has been suggested that they were designed by Jean Berain I (1640-1711?) and that they are connected with the final installation of Louis XIV at Versaills in about 1680. The motto, 'NEC PLURIBUS IMPAR' was not adpted until about 1668 Compare with VII.232 and VII.1358.