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Jack of plate

Jack of plate



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Purchased 1951.

Physical Description

Made in the form of a doublet, composed of small iron plates with central holes and cropped corners about 25-34 mm square, between two layers of coarse canvas with a layer of fine linen, secured by a trellis pattern of cords through the central holes on a 20-25 mm grid. The cords are knotted where they pass though the fabric and plates, each knot being covered by a tuft of green silk. Inside the jack is lined with a layer of fine canvas. The jack opens at the front, where it overlaps right over left and is fastened by hooks and eyes, the eyes formed by loops of braided cord. It is of high waisted form at the rear, and of deep peascod form at the front. It has a standing collar of one row of plates, and at the waist it has a short skirt of only three rows of plates. X-rays in 2004 reveal the internal structure of the plates, showing that these are rather heterogeneous, but show no evidence of reuse from brigandine plates. The overall condition is very poor and fragile. Many of the plates and cords are missing, especially at the front


Dimensions: height front 630 mm, rear 520, width over shoulders 460 mm, collar to waist at rear 460 mm

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Places England


Never weighed owing to its fragility.