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Sword - Field Marshal Sir Garnet Joseph Wolseley's sword

Sword - Field Marshal Sir Garnet Joseph Wolseley's sword


19th century

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Sword and scabbard of Sir Garnet Wolseley (1833-1913), gifted by his widow 15.03.1916 (p.76 Minute Book i.189). Put on display in the refurbished display in the White Tower together with Lord Roberts' Revolver and swords of our Allies in 1916 (Rev Authorised Guide to the Tower of London, Loftie, Dillon & ffoulkes, 1916; p.27 Shown in the "Record Room" - mod WT Entrance floor East - 'The case near the door contains swords presented by our Aliies in the present war, swords of the Duke mof York, son of Geroge III, and of lord Wolseley, and the revolver of Lord Roberts".) Blue inventory binder (RA ToL) notes it as "when officer of 90th Regiment in the Crimea". [ BC 30.08.2016]

Physical Description

Steel hilted sword and scabbard.

The hilt is of the P.1822 infantry officer's form (so called Gothic), with fixed inner loop guard but no spur, Solid oval badge set in the outer bars decorated with engraved crossed baton and sword enclosed within a crowned a laurel wreath. Slightly curved pipe-backed blade.

Sword sits very well in the hand - good balance.

Scabbard: steel with 2 raised bands and loose suspension rings, and asymmetrical shoe. Separate stepped mouthpiece.


Inscriptions and Marks

Crossed baton and sword within a crowned laurel wreath. NB no other marks on the sword or scabbard.
Set in bars of hilt


Places Unrecorded


Formed part of the ToL at War display (1FW, case 8) 2017 - A Red Letter Day (the centenary of the WT opening as a museum) - 2016 -2017 with xii.10426.