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4 pr gun

4 pr gun



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Transferred in 1930 from the Rotunda Museum, Woolwich, where it was No.II.18.

Physical Description

Virtually a pair with XIX.182 but in good condition. on the second reinforce in relief is a crowned Tudor rose between the initials CR, for Charles. On the first reinforce is incised the number 4, below which is the inscription MOVNTIOY EARLE OF NEWPORT Mr GENERALL OF THE ORDNANCE JOHN BROWNE MADE THIS PEECE 1638. Below again is the weight 2-2-25


Dimensions: Length: 44 in (118.8 cm), Overall length: 50 in (127 cm) Weight: 2 cwt 2 qtr 25 lb (138.3 kg)


Serial Number None visible


3.25 in (8.2 cm)


Places England

Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976, p.65.


'John Browne'
A member of a famous family of gunfounders, son of John Browne the elder, worked in partnership with his brother George, controlling furnaces at Horsmonden and Buckland in Kent and Surrey. In 1618, already a contractor for iron and brass guns, he was appointed a Royal Founder. During the Civil War he was forced to supply cannon to the Parliamentary forces and continued casting guns until his death in 1651. He is buried in St. Margaret's Church, in Horsmonden. On 2 October 1638, Edward Nicholas, a Clerk to the Council in Ordinary, wrote a letter to Edward Sherburne, Clerk of the Ordnance at the Tower, concerning a petition to the East India Company 'which could not be till Sunday next, in regard the King goes tomorrow into Kent, and will not be back till Saturday' (C.S.P. 'Dom., 1638-9, 46'). It would seem probable that it was in the course of this journey that the King visited one of John Browne's foundries in Kent, probably that at Brenchley, and witnessed the casting of this gun. Cf. XIX.170.