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Half armour

Half armour



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Presented by T.J. Gregory, 1952.

Physical Description

Comprising a back, breast and two pauldrons. The cuirass has a high neck and a low waist with a flange with a rounded point at front and rear. The breastplate asi fastenmed to the backplate by a hinge at the right and a hinged hasp at the left, both with trefoil terminals. The main edges thave file roped inward turns and are bordered by decorative round headed rivets. The backplate has a tall slotted stud at either side for the pauldrons. The pauldrons are large, full and symmetrical, comprising a main plate with a wide lame above, pierced for the studs, and four narrow lames below. The front edges of the main plates are formed of four narrow fan-shaped lames secured by a single rivet at their inner ends, and at the outer ends with a leather. The exterior of all three pieces is painted black.


Weight: 11.97 kg (26 lb 6 oz)

Component parts

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks


Places Germany


Originally catalogued as Swiss on account of the fan-shaped plates at the ends of the pauldron main plates, this shows every sign of being a 19th century fake. The hinge and hasp fastening the cuirass are particularly improbable, but show every sign of being original to the armour.