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Flintlock sporting gun

Flintlock sporting gun



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Purchased from Peter Dale Ltd, 15th July 1992. From the collection of Fust, Hill Court, Gloucestershire

Physical Description

A long barrelled gun of good quality, it has an unsigned lock bearing an engraved dog with a bird in its mouth and light border engraving. The cock, frizzen and pan are complete and in good order with a black patina. The gun is fully stocked with a slim wrist and raised comb, the wood being darkened with age and polished. The barrel is round and of heavy construction at the breech, tapering towards the muzzle, which is flared. It is undecorated apart from a single rib slightly forward of the frizzen, and a double rib at the rear of the breech. The tang is lightly engraved with geometric patterns and scrolling around the retaining screw. An unusual brass rearsight is fitted to the tang, being a saucer shaped oval with geometric engraving. The brass buttplate is retained by two screws and has a bird and scroll engraving on its upper part. There is a brass rococo escutcheon on the neck, bearing the arms of the Fust family
The trigger guard is brass, the forepart being flared into a shell decoration, whilst the rear is particularly long, extending to half-way along the underside of the stock. The whole is border engraved with a star on the underside of the guard. There are four brass ramrod pipes, each lightly engraved, and a full length wooden ramrod, which appears to be original. The gun is in good working order throughout


Dimensions: Overall length: 75.5 in (1918 mm), Barrel length: 60 in (1524 mm)


Serial Number None visible


.90 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Barrel marked with large '42F' The escutcheon bears the arms of Fust of Hill Court, Gloucs, these being argent on a chevron between three forest bills, as many mullets of the first pierced, in chief on escutcheon a hand erect. No proofs are visible


Places England

Bibliographic References

A similar fowling piece by Annerley c1690 see Neal and Back, 'Great British Gunmakers, 1540-1740.' Also refer to a horn powder flask from the Fust collection illustrated in 'Pollards History of Firearms.'