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Glaive (yanyuedao)

Glaive (yanyuedao)



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Made in the Canton arsenal for Mr.Bouchier Wrey and certified as copies of the Imperial State Arms. From the estate of Miss A S Stewart Savile. Presented 1956.

Physical Description

Long single-edged blade which broadens terminating in a backward curl, below which the edge is cusped followed by a smaller curl. Both sides of the blade are set with seven copper bosses connected with inlaid brass strips representing a constellation of stars. The blade extends from a socket in the shape of a dragon's head through the mouth.
Below the socket is an oval guard and three broad brass bands. The shaft of light wood is varnished a red colour and inscribed.


Dimensions: length: overall 253 cm (99.6 in), Head length: 99 cm (39 in), Weight: The weight of the weapon is 5.25 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Chinese inscription as used by Kuan Ti, the God of War,'Made by Yueli, West City, Triangle market, Yonglong alley'.


Places China/Asia