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Left gauntlet

Left gauntlet



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Bequeathed by J R W Coxhead of Honiton, Devon, 12 September 1985.

Physical Description

Comprising a cuff, four metacarpal lames, a knuckle plate and four phalange scales. The cuff is short, flared and pointed. It is made of one piece, joined by two rivets on the inside. The main edge is inwardly turned and lightly file roped. Around the centre is a row of five flush lining rivets, with another beside the main edge at the rear, for the main edge at the rear, for the strap. The metacarpal lames are of even width and are articulated by a dome-headed rivet in a cusp at the lower side. The articulating rivet at the front of the lower lame is larger than the others, and has an internal washer, for the attachment of the missing thumb piece. The subsidiary edges are bordered by single incised lines. The knuckle plate is deeply embossed for the knuckles. It is articulated to the lower metacarpal lame by a rivet in a lobe at either side. At each knuckle is a large dome headed rivet with a square internal washer for the attachment of the phalange leathers. The four surviving phalange scales are each gutter-shaped, with rounded lower edges, and with a rivet for attachment to the leather at the upper edge. The leathers are modern replacements. All the rivets seem original, and two phalange scales are detached.


Dimensions: Height 250 mm (8.9 in.), 13.6 mm (5.3 in.) Weight: 11 oz (0.3 kg)

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Italy


A note in the box, 'This gauntlet (date circa 1540) is to be given to Dr Alan Borg, Assistant keeper of the Armouries, H.M. tower of London, EC3 in accordance wwith the letter dated 4th Feb. 1974 (Ref letters and photographs in my dead box.
J.R.? Coxhead.
29 Jan. 1978.