Object Title

Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



Object Number



Old Tower collection, probably Tower arsenal. First accessioned when found in store March/April 1982 (probably in Brick Tower; by 1987 in rack 3D).

Physical Description

Blade with hatchet point. Fuller extends for 673 mm (26 1/2 in) from the hilt.

Variations, losses, damage, etc: hilt painted (VTR - CHECK if it is still). CHECK OVER.


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 1016 mm (40 in), blade length: 883 mm (34 3/4 in) Weight: Sword: 2 2 lb 7 oz, Scabbard: 2 lb 7 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on outside, near hilt (CHECK), stamped: crown over 8.On blade, on back, near hilt (CHECK), stamped: JOSHH. H. REDDELL & CO (the first dot under the H).



For this pattern generally and for other examples in the Royal Armouries, see entry for IX.250, under Notes.
For general information on the maker Reddell, see entry for IX.256, under Notes.