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Glaive / Phoenix tail halberd

Glaive / Phoenix tail halberd



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Presented by J R Gaunt and Son Ltd, 1956.

Physical Description

The blade is forged with a slight medial ridge and curves strongly backwards towards the point. Below the point, the back edge is engrailed and drawn out into a rearward facing point about half way down the blade. The blade is fitted directly into a slot in the shaft and held in place by two bands of brass through which pas iron rivets hammered over floral washers. The upper band is made of sheet and joined by small nails hammered into the shaft. The lower band is seamless. The round shaft is heavily stained.


Dimensions: length: overall 2095 mm (82.5 in), Head length: 450 mm (17.75 in), Weight: The weight of the glaive is 2.8 kg.

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Places China