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Golden Halberd

Golden Halberd



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Presented by J R Gaunt and Son Ltd, 1956.

Physical Description

Complex blade form comprising an upper spear shaped blade having a low medial ridge and almost parallel sides with an acutely angled point. At the base, this spear shape has barbs that are coiled downward and inwards. The spear shape terminates in rectangular shank that connects to a triangular shape pierced with a hole filled in with a fretted brass roundel. Below this is a flat, almost rectangular plate whose upper corners are drawn outwards into backward pointing barbs. The blade is attached to the shaft by a tang that fits through a collar cast in the form of a dragon's head on each face. Below the dragon is a brass hand guard of four lobed outline with a deep down turned rim. The shaft is bound by three simple brass collars, the two rivets fastening the blade being positioned between them. The rivets have brass flower shapes under the heads.


Dimensions: length: overall 2505 mm (98.5 in), Head length: 920 mm (36.25 in), The length: of the shaft is 1580 mm. Weight: The weight of the spear is 5 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks



Places China


The shaft has had a slot cut into it for the tang and has separate pieces of wood fitted to fill the gaps on either side.