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Knife and scabbard

Knife and scabbard



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Physical Description

Hilt consists of ribbed wooden grip, a brass continuation attached to the blade by two rivets and forming short upturned quillons on the shoulder of the wide blade. The lower rivet has domed heads which engage springs in the scabbard.

The blade is very broad with parallel sides and rounded point. Its single edge has been much sharpened. The broad fullers each side are so arranged to produce a medial ridge.
The scabbard is made of two thick pieces of leather with spacers. Attachment is by a large rivetted brass hook. The locket consists of a single plate of brass, shaped to take the hilt.


Dimensions: Knife: Overall length: 34 cm. (13.4 in.), Blade length: 21 cm. (8.25 in), Blade width: cm. ( in.), Scabbard: Overall length: 37.5 cm. (14.75 in.), Weight: Knife: 10 oz., Scabbard: 8 oz.

Inscriptions and Marks

On the hilt: 'U.S. SPRINGFIELD' and the serial number 3078.On the scabbard leather: (stamped) 'S.R ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL W. T. G.' and 'ART 1 1 1 '.On the scabbard hook: (stamped) 'R.I.A.'.



This knife was used for foraging.