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Eight diagram spear

Eight diagram spear



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Physical Description

The head is constructed from four pieces: a main blade, of flamboyant spear shape, with a medial ridge and blunt edges. Fitted over, and seating against a step below the main blade, this is a hollow brass form of octagonal shape punched and chased with trigrams surrounding the ying-yang symbol. Issuing from the upper right and lower left edges of this brass construction are small flamboyant blades, losely fastened by brass rivets. Below this the head tapers to a complex moulding above the long tapering socket. The spear is fitted with a stained shaft of round section.


Dimensions: length: overall 2380 mm (93.75 in), Head length: 830 mm (32.75 in), The main blade is 310 mm long and the width across the side-blades is 26 mm. Weight: The spear weighs 2.05 kg.

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Places China