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Spear shaft

Spear shaft



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Found in the Brick Tower in 1989. Possibly from the Great Exhibition.

Physical Description

the object consists of an iron shoe having a mushroom shaped top surmounting a number of mouldings. below this is an octagonal stem, further mouldings and a short flared octagonal socket. The entire shoe is covered in foliage patterns in heavy gold koftgari. This is fitted to a wooden shaft that tapers to the end where there has been some form of socketed head. The lower part of the shaft is painted red, the upper part green.


Dimensions: The overall length is 2360 mm, the length of the head being 389 mm. Weight: The weight of the object is 1.45 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Tag on marked 15 over 251.


Places India

Bibliographic References

V. Dillon, Illustrated Guide to the Armouries Tower of London 1910 p.41 as Class XV.251. J.Hewitt, Official Catalogue of the of the Tower Armouries, London, 1859, p.104 No 225 or 226


ANABLE TO LOCATE (FW MH) The head of this spear is missing.