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Knuckle plate

Knuckle plate



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Presented by Peter Dale Ltd., London, on 21 May 1992, together with Inv. Nos. III.4330-1 and Nos. III.4333-4. They had been given to the company a few years ealier by a 'Mudlark' who stated that he had obtained them from the foreshore of the River Thames together with the gauntlet fragments III.2744-5 which are reported to have been found at Wapping. Since some of the knuckle plates forming part of the group are unfinished it is possible that the group as a whole was cast out of an armourers workshop. Inv. Nos. III.4257, from the same source, possibly forms part of the same group, as does an unfinished lattern knuckle plate in the collection of Ian Eaves Esq., stated to have been recovered from the Thames foreshore 'near the Tower' at about the same time.

Physical Description

It is of rectangular form, transversly curved to the shape to the finger, and embossed with a high, rounded central point. It has no rivet-holes to attach it to a leather, and is clearly unfinished. The knuckle plate is made of latten, now patinated to a green colour.


Weight: 0.0115 kg (11.5 grams)

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Places England