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Sword (kaskara)

Sword (kaskara)



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Presented 27 January 1985

Physical Description

The blade is broad, straight and double edged, of very flat section. It has bevelled edges, a shallow medial fuller extending 23 cm from the hilt, and a spear point. It is incised on each side of the blade near the hilt with a large key-hole-shaped mark with a hatched ground, and some stray longitudinal lines. The hilt consists of a wooden grip, bound with a thin strip of leather, which widens toward the leather covered pommel. The guard is a straight, iron cross, the arms flaring towards spatulate terminals, the outer faces with a tranverse medial ridge. There are short, double langets of similar form, those extending over the grip being covered by the leather binding.



OverallLength1070 mm
OverallWeight1.13 kg
BladeLength931 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Large key-hole-shaped mark with a hatched ground, and some longitudinal lines extending beyond the main border of the circular section of the shape.
Both sides of the blade, just beneath the langets


Places Sudan/Africa

Bibliographic References

Islamic Arms and Armour