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Right locking gauntlet

Right locking gauntlet



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Anon. sale (Sothebys) 20/10/1944, lot 80. Clarence Mackay sale (Christies) 27/7/1939, lot 68 From the collection of Dr. Richard Williams, 1974.

Physical Description

It has a one piece, blunt-pointed cuff secured by flush lining rivets on the inner wrist. The cuff has a medial-ridge and side boxings extended and raised for the base of the thumb. Ten lining rivets bordering the main edge secure a replacement, modern lining band for the attachment of a missing glove. Issuing from the other, subsidiary edge of the cuff are three boxed metacarpal and three broad finger-plates. These are attached and articulate, in series, by a rivet on each side of the plates. Each plate extends across the width of the gauntlet. There are two replacement internal straps probably for the retention of glove to gauntlet secured by a rivet at either side of the second finger-plate and by three rivets across the width of the third. The third fingerplate is long, extending beyond the fingers to facilitate its attachment to a turning pin on the inner wrist of the cuff. Attached to the extended and raised side boxings by two rivets is the thumb defence, comprising two well formed articulating thumb-plates. The first plate is attached by, and pivots on, two rivets to the second. The second plate is rounded over the tip. Five other rivets are present, two on the first plate and three on the second, including one through the 'nail', for retaining a modern lining. All rivets on the gauntlet are of brass. The main edge around the cuff has a filed roped turn and a recessed ornamental band that also runs down the medial ridge. The border decoration consists of interlocking foliage, grotesque birds and dolphins on a granulated ground, which was originally entirely gilt. The lower edges of the thumb-plates are etched with interlocking foliage with some gilding remaining. There is an embossed 'thumbnail', which is decorated with a flower, also etched and gilt. The inner subsidiary edge of the cuff at the wrist is damaged. There is some corrosion damage to the gauntlet but mostly on the first finger-plate. The second finger-plate is split near the outer pivot to the first finger-plate, there is also a hole next to the inner pivot rivet. The third finger-plate has some separation damage along the boxed edge and the area near the outer pivot has been repaired, seven flush rivets are evident.

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