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Right pauldron

Right pauldron



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Old Tower Collection.

Physical Description

Formed of seven plates with a detachable haute piece, it has a mainplate extending full length at the front and widening at the rear, with two full length lames above it, three below on the central section, and one below at the front and rear. The upper lames were articulated by four original leather, of which part of the rear one is lost, across the centre and front. The front extension plate is attached by the front two leathers, the rear one by a rivet at the rear and its own short leather at the front. The leathers are mainly attached by original, flush rivets, with replacement round headed brass terminal rivets. The main edges have roped inward turns symmetrical about their centres, and are bordered by rows of original brass-capped iron lining rivets with circular iron washers retaining original buff lining bands. The replacements are all brass, with square washers. At the bottom and at the centre top are modern straps and buckles. At the front of the main plate is a detachable hautpiece, attached by a mushroom stud and keyhole slot, and two turning pins. It also has a lining band attached in the same way. The exterior is bright, the interior black from the hammer with traces of black paint.


Dimensions: height 222 mm, width 225 mm, depth 330 mm Weight: 2180 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.



Removed from Westminster armour II.184 and replaced wtih one from store 1959. Stylistically this fits with the series of tourney armours made in Augsburg in the late 16th century by Anton Pfeffenhauser and his circle.