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Matchlock carbine (toradar)

Matchlock carbine (toradar)



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Presented by the Indian Government, 1861. From the Indian disarmament of 1859.

Physical Description

The serpentine and trigger are of plain steel, and connected by a simple sprung linkage. The plain, dark red wood stock has a solid ivory section behind the breech, which is grooved for sighting. The barrel is short and heavy, chiselled with a monster's head at the muzzle. The whole is decorated in silver koftgari with a spiral of flowers and foliage, and has brass mouldings at either end. The stock is broken in half at the breech.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 945 mm, the overall length of the gun is 1435 mm. Weight: The weight of the gun is 6.36 kg.


21 mm.

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