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Centrefire breech-loading double-barrelled rifle - By J. Rigby and Co

Centrefire breech-loading double-barrelled rifle - By J. Rigby and Co



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Purchased in auction from Evans and Partridge on 07 April 1992.

Physical Description

A fine hammer rifle in excellent restored condition. The lockplates are foliate engraved in an English style. There is a sliding safety catch on each side engaging with a slot in the inner face of the hammer neck. The hammers have vertical spurs, rolled at the top and heavily chequered. They are foliate engraved with fine borders and sunbursts radiating from each mounting screw. Firing pins are gold plated. The action, large oval triggerguard and unlocking lever are also foliate engraved, with fine bordering, filling approximately 50% of the surface. The tang and rear breech face are totally covered with similar engraving. The stock is of finely polished walnut, and has a chequered pistol grip with gutta percha end cap, which is slightly chipped on the right side. The steel buttplate is retained by two screws and is coarse chequered. The forend grip is also heavily chequered and is detatchable by means of a locking lever, which is foliate engraved and has a raised oval button at its tip, which is chequered. The barrels are browned steel, the left being an original Damascus the other being a later replacement. The top rib is blued ribbed steel. Sights comprise a low ramp and bead foresight and V notch block rear sight, with a flip-up 250 yard sight in front. There is a blued sling swivel mounted under the forepart of the barrel, and an engraved steel button under the rear of the stock. The transit case is leather lined oak, with 10 maroon baize lined compartments. A Rigby trade label is pasted into the lid. The case has a brass push button lock, and two leather securing straps. A leather carrying handle is in the case, having become detatched from its brass ring mountings. The top of the lid ismpressed with the name: R.O.C.Hume


Dimensions: Overall Length; 43 in (1092 mm), Barrel length: 26 in (660 mm), Weight: Approx. 8 lbs

Component parts


Serial Number 15076


.577 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Each lockplate: Jno. RIGBY $ Co. Tang of trigger guard:15076 Breech face: B with T inside under 1073. Standard London proof (crowned V) and serial No. 15076 on left side of action. Underside of barrels at chamber: London proof & view marks of pre-1904 type. The forend locking latch: Rigby's Patent. Trade label: 'John Rigby & Co 72 St James's St, London. Patentees Gun and Rifle Manufacturers. Also at 24 Suffolk St, Dublin'



All accessories are missing.