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Shoulder strap scale

Shoulder strap scale



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Old Tower Collection. Found Bowyer Tower.

Physical Description

It is comprised of six brass scales of copper alloy of irregular rectangular form, attached to a cloth strap by means of a string or, in two cases, copper wire which passes through six holes at the top end of each scale. The lower end of each scale is decorated with five or, in three cases, four scallops. The strap is of white stitched fabric over which has been sewn a maroon felt strip in front and two Prussian blue strips in the back which are sewn to the white strap and extend around the edges to form a thin piping. The upper extremity of the strap is rounded at the edges. One scale is detached and another is only partly attached. The felt is very worn with the edges of the strap fraying and segments of the piping missing.


Dimensions: Length: 240 mm (9.5 in), width: 50 mm (2.0 in) Weight: 0.35 kg (1.25 g)

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Places France