Object Title

Shaffron (At alinlici)

Shaffron (At alinlici)


about 1500

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Metropolitan Museum, New York. See XXVIH.33 for details.

Physical Description

It is of mail and plate construction, comprising a main plate with a single poll plate and two columns of lames at either side. The main plate is shaped to the horse's head, with cut outs for the eyes and ears, and flared at the nostrils. The cut outs at the eyes and ears are bordered with holes pierced for that attachment of a border or lining. In 1935 these were used for the attachment of a piccadil-like leather border. The main plate is embossed with four flutes, the outer two flaring around the eyes, and the inner two expanding to a large, kite-shaped recessed area on the forehead. There are two rivets just above the nose, a modern copper rivet on the right, and a reused original iron rivet with a star-shaped head on the left. Both have circular modern washers.

The poll plate is in the form of a squashed pentagon. It is attached to the main plate by some original riveted mail links, but mostly by modern butted links. It has a large, expanded hole at the centre, possibly for the original attachment of the buckle, and, just behind that, a buckle with a D-shaped loop an a double bar, which seems to be original, and from whiall the other buckles on the bard appear to have been copied. It is pierced with numerous holes around the outside, and has a modern repair at the right.

There are two columns of lames joined by mail at either side of the main plate, each comprising fourteen lames. Where the original mail survives, it comprises rows of riveted mail on two adjacent lames, joining a central row of welded links. At the left are two modern buckles, which are fastened with modern leather straps at the right. The left column of lames (1) has most of its original rivets, with some modern butted links. Col. 2 is attached to the main plate with mostly original mail. There are modern riveted repairs on lames 1, 8, 13 and 14, and lame 2 has a copper rivet and internal washer for the attachment of a strap over the horse's neck. Col. 3 is attached to the right of the main plate mainly by butted links, but with enough riveted and welded sets to demonstrate that they belong. Lames 2 and 9 have modern repairs, and there is a copper rivet on 2 matching that on the left. Lames 1, 4, 5, 13 and 14 are reused, decorated lames. Each is decorated with incised and punched strapwork and foliage, which appears on the outside of 5 and the inside of the other plates. The decorated lames are largely attached by butted and reused riveted mail, though some appear to be originall riveted sets. Col. 3 is attached to 4 by substantially original riveted and welded mail. The outer edges of the mail and plate sections are fitted with modern leather borders.


Weight: 1.82 kg (4 lb 0 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

The main plate is stamped with the mark of the Hagia Irene,, Istanbul. Lame 7 of column 4 is painted inside with a white V.


See XXVIH.33 for comparanda.