Object Title

Pinfire clock gun

Pinfire clock gun



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Purchased from Arian Trading, 15 April 1992.

Physical Description

A tinplate casing, similar in size to that of an early sewing machine, with a wire handle on top, and large hole in the lower front face. The internal parts comprises a simple clockwork mechanism, actuating a pawl which gradually rotates a 12 bore revolving cylinder having nine chambers, each of which contains one pinfire cartridge. The cartridge is fired my means of a weighted striker which falls due to a cam action actuated by the clockwork mechanism. The working parts are mounted on a thick wooden base, which is supported on four cast iron legs.


Dimensions: 7 x 15 in, 12 in high Weight: approx 4 lbs


Serial Number None visible


2 bore

Inscriptions and Marks

London proof and !2 bore load marks on each cylinder. No 2 stamped on wooden base.


Places England