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Pinfire clock gun - Bird Scarer

Pinfire clock gun - Bird Scarer



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Purchased from Arian Trading, 15th April 1992

Physical Description

A large tinplate box with a full length hinged lid opening vertically. There is a rivetted steel handle, and the casing sits on four steel feet. It is painted dark green with 3 faded red stripes and has the letters PATENT CLOCK GUN in white on the rear face. The internals comprises a clockwork mechanism mounted half way down a wooden board.This mechanism utilises a rotating steel blade (now missing) to cut thin pieces of string at predetermined times, according to the hour chosen. As the clockwork advances,and the blade cuts a piece of string, one of 12 steel weights held at the top of individual wooden chutes, will be released. This then permits the weight to fall approximately 12 in. onto a pinfire shotgun cartridge. These cartridges are retained in a bank of 12 short barrels at the base of the mechanism. The shot then passes out of a slot at the front face of the casing.


Dimensions: Hight: 22 in., Width: 12 in., Depth: 7 in. Weight: Approx 8 lbs.


Serial Number None visible


12 bore

Inscriptions and Marks

A full instruction label is pasted inside the lid.


Places England