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Police helmet

Police helmet



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Physical Description

Asymmetrical hemispherical skull of translucent green moulded resin, with downturned brim widening at the rear and drawn to an obtuse point in front. The outside has a dark blue felt covering glued over it and comprising two halves stitched front to rear over the crown with a double row of stitches. The main edge is protected by a narrow dark blue plastic strip folded over it and meeting on the right side of the brim, the whole secured by a row of stitching. A second strip around the base of the skull assists in securing the felt and is itself secured at front, rear and each side by a bifurcated brass rivet whose flattened head is painted dark blue. The strip is decorated with a pressed running design consisting of two rows of interlocking commas. The skull is pierced high on each side by a horizontally placed pair of ventilation holes each with a brass eyelet. The crown is pierced with a ventilation hole which is externally protected by a metal silver-plated tudor rose pierced with five ventilation holes. It is attached by metal tags through the skull and covered internally by a black rubber disc pierced in the centre to receive a vent cover perforated with seven holes. On the front the skull is pierced to receive the tags of a silver-plated metal Metropolitan Police badge. These are covered internally by a black rubber strip with semi-circular upper end.

Internally a strip of opaque white plastic encircles the brim, being secured by at least one rectangle of adhesive strip at the rear and by a double row of black stitches. Over the plastic is glued a wider strip of grey foam. At the rear this appears to have been cut off, as a piece of foam adhers to a webbing strap. The latter comprise three strips of black webbing which are looped over and the ends passed between the foam and the plastic strips and doubled back behind the plastic where they are secured. A black draw string is passed through the loops so formed, the ends knotted together. A black leather lining band is secured behind the plastic, emerging from the lower end and folded back into the helmet. It is stitched together vertically up the rear and the edge folded over to enclose a black plaited draw string which emerges at the rear where it is knotted together. Behind the lining band at each side, and either side at the rear, are the remains of the black chin straps.

The brass eyelets at either side of the skull have been attacked by verdigris.


Dimensions: Max. Ht: 21.5 cm (8.5 in), Max. Width: 22.8 cm (9 in) Max. Depth: 30.7 cm (12.12 in) Weight: 6 g (1 lb 5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

The badge at the front consists of a roundel within a crowned sunburst. The roundel consists of a grained ground on which are printed: 'E II R'. Around this is a border of blue enamel on which is printed in silver: 'METROPOLITAN POLICE', each word separated by a dot. Glued to the inside left of the skull is a black rectangular piece of cloth on which is printed in gold cursive and underlined: 'Cromwells' and underneath, in gold letters: 'Police Beat Duty Helmet PS.PC Made in England by Helmets Ltd, Wheathampstead' On the left side of the lining band is printed in gold cursive and underlined: 'Cromwell' On the right side of the lining band is printed in gold letters: 'CONFORMS TO B.S.5240 58 7 1/4' and to the rear: '6 3 86'


Places Britain


Latest type of helmet design, earlier models have similar low crown but different lining.