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Bought from G. Tindall-Carill-Worsley, April, 1976, with I.112.

Physical Description

Half length, facing left, with dark shoulder length hair, wearing breast plate, pauldrons and vambraces, with the gorget apparently worn outside the breast plate. A white cravat knotted at the neck. In the top right-hand corner the arms, argent, on a chief gules a mural crown or, with a crest of a mural crown surmounted by a wyvern with spread wings gules, Worsley of Platt, co. Lancaster.


Dimensions: 29.75in. x 25in. (755mm x 635mm)

Inscriptions and Marks

On frame and stretcher: A7 567, on stretcher: WO 9505/26


Places England


See also: IX.1428.
A Note on the back on a torn lable reads: 'Major general Charles Worsley, born 1622, died 1656 and buried in Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster Abbey. Son of Rafe and Isobelle Worsley of Platt. Married [1st] Mary Booth, 2nd [Dorothy Kenyon]. Painted about 1650. Lent by Mrs. Tindal-Carill-Worsley, Platt Hall, Manchester.

Charles Worsley, a parliamentarian commander, was Parliamentary commander in Lancashire 1644; Lieutenant-colonel of a regiment raised in Lancashire 1650; employed in the reduction of the Isle of Main, 1651; commanded the detachment used in the expulsion of the Long Parliament, 1652; member of Parliament for Manchester, 1654; resigned and appointed Major General for Lancashire, Cheshire and Staffordshire, 1655.
Married 1, Mary Booth (d.1649) and 2, Dorothy Kenyon (d.1693-4). He died at St James's, 12 June 1656, was buried in Westminster Abbey. (Dictionary of National Biography; Burke Landed Gentry 1952; J. Booker 'A History of the Ancient Chapel of Birch' Chetham Society 1859).

His sword is also in the Armouries, IX.1428

Another version of this painting is in Manchester City Art Gallery, probably the original.