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Flintlock breech-loading rifle - Hulme's Rifle

Flintlock breech-loading rifle - Hulme's Rifle


about 1807

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Gifted by the Secretary of State for India, 1915

Physical Description

The lock is quite long and is a standard form externally, but with a long tail and made internally with a back-action mechanism. Flat plate with bevelled edge, tail ending in a teat. Flat swan-neck cock with bevelled edge. No engraving or other external marks. The plate measures 6 ¼ x 1in. The action body or frame is of gunmetal or very yellow brass, and contains the rotating cylinder containing the chamber. It operates exactly as the older Lorenzoni system, except that this is a single-shot weapon and neither self-priming nor self-cocking. An orifice in the top of the frame with groove cut back along the top, is used for a loading port. A lever, which is held at the front by a loop fastened to a plate inlet in the left side of the fore-end, is pulled upwards and back to a vertical position, rotating the cylinder to expose the chamber, when powder is poured in and a ball placed on top of it. Pushing the lever forward again into its retaining loop closes the breech and re-aligns the chamber with the bore of the barrel. Priming is a separate operation carried out in the normal sequence of loading a flintlock. The extreme rear of the breech tang is stamped PATENT, but no patent for this system has been discovered. Two-piece stock, the fore-end possibly shortened from a military pattern, and now secured by one slide, with a heavy brass fore-end cap. A rib and two pipes (upper one missing) have been fitted under the barrel. The butt is similar to the Baker rifle, but has a narrower profile, a lower comb, and is not shaped at the bottom of the small. Cheek-rest on the left side is longer than the Baker, and more square at the rear. Baker style brass trigger guard, Baker buttplate and butt-trap, the latter of a reduced size. The butt-plate tang is engraved, No. 23 HULME’S RIFLE. Full round watered iron barrel with no external markings, which screws into frame of action. Foresight consists of a small blade on block. The backsight was dovetailed 4 ½ in. from the breech, but is now missing.





BarrelLength27.9 in.
BarrelLength708 mm
OverallLength46.5 in.
OverallLength1181 mm
OverallWeight3.7 kg
OverallWeight8.2 lb


Serial Number None visible


0.63 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Rifle name
Butt-plate tang
Extreme rear of the breech tang



Calibre: Rifled with seven rectangular grooves half the width of the lands, and making 1/4 turn in the length of the barrel.