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First registered on return from loan to HQ South West District(Loan L212), 01/04/1992.

Physical Description

Variations, losses, damage, etc: VR cypher; inner guard removed; wire binding to grip lacking; buff-piece lacking. Curved blade with a short ricasso, a flat back, and a broad fuller at the back for the first two thirds of the length of the blade, but the spine moving nearer the centre of the blade for the final third.

Inscriptions and Marks

No visible marks.


Places Britain


For this pattern of (brass gothic) hilt generally, used by both infantry officers and sergeants (staff sergeants only from 1852), and for the various patterns of blade, see B. Robson, 'Swords of the British Army...', London, 1975, pp.114-121, Pls 124-126, 128, 131, and pp.146, 147, Pl.163. The same hilt, possibly with a shorter blade, was also used by drummers from 1822 to 1856 (ibid., p.166). Officer's and sergeants of several corps and departments also used this pattern of infantry sword at varyious dates (ibid., Ch. 11).