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Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Snider

Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Snider



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Old Tower Collection. First found in the Bowyer Tower in rack 21/A, 1992.

Physical Description

General Type Description: Standard Snider patent action with trapdoor breech block hinged to the right.
The action is operated by pressing upward and to the right on a knurled thumb-piece which is found on the left of the breech block. The extractor is operated by manually pulling the breech block backwards against the action of a piston found to the right side of the block. The cock hammer has the superficial appearance of a percussion hammer but in fact works against a striker whose downward action operates a centrefire pin housed in a hole which runs through the breech block.
A nipple protector was attached on a chain to the trigger-guard but is now missing.
With case hardened iron furniture.
Stocked in one piece with two barrel bands fitted with a sling swivel on the upper barrel band and on the underside of the butt.
An asociated full length iron cleaning rod found beneath the barrel. A bayonet bar is attached on the right side of the barrel. The fore sight is of the unprotected barleycorn type. The rear sight is graduated to 1000 yards


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Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on the lock; Crown over TOWER (these marks are dubious and probably intended to give a spurious value in commercial transactions).Stamped on the barrel: Crown over crossed sceptres twice framing the numerals 25 (the shot per pound equivalent of .577 calibre); crown over crossed sceptres; conjoined broad arrows; crown over VR; addorsed R's; crown over E over 7. Receiver: Crown over crossed sceptres. Top of breech block: Crown over crossed sceptres. Left of stock: Painted R 31 Attached to stock: A buff tag reads ' SNIDER RIFLE, THE FIRST SERVICE BREECH loader introduced 1864. This is the short sergeants model. .577 cal'


Places Britain


See I.D.Skennerton, 'A Treatise on the Snider', 1978