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Mail shirt (zirh)

Mail shirt (zirh)



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Found, New Armouries Attic, 27 March 1992. From the Lanthorn Tower, Room 5.

Physical Description

It is a waist length shirt with short sleeves. At the bottom is a deep opening at the centre front, and a deeper opening at the centre rear. There is a short opening at the centre front of the neck, which is fitted with a brown leather collar. The neck opening is fastened by three pairs of leather thongs, knotted at the centre and at either end, and passing through the mail at either side. The collar is fastened by a similar double thong.

The mail is formed of riveted links throughout. The links are formed of round section wire, with pronounced, flattened bulbous overlaps. The mail is slightly damaged throughout, and extensively damaged on the sleeves. It is corroded brown.


Dimensions: height 87 cm (34.3 in), width 43 cm (17.0 in), width over sleeves 90 cm (35.5 in) Weight: The weight of the shirt is 5.5 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

None. A fragment of a brown label is tied at the neck.



The fact that the rivets are wedge shaped suggests this has been reworked from a European original.