Object Title

Pikeman's tasset

Pikeman's tasset


about 1635

Object Number



Bowyer Tower AS 67.

Physical Description

For the left leg. It is made in one piece and embossed to simulate six lames the lowest of which is deeper that the rest. The main edges have plain inward turns accompanied by recessed borders; the upper inner edge is cut transversely for the passage of the left tasset. Each simulated lame is bordered by a single incised line and a decorative rivet at the centre and at the right and left forming three columns each of which terminates in a decorqative triangle. The plain upper edge are two later triangulated hasps of a hinge for attachment to the breastplate. Bright and pitted.



TassetHeight245 mm
TassetWeight560 g
TassetWidth340 mm

Inscriptions and Marks




This type of tasset appears to have been influenced by the shallow tassets with simulated lames found on Dutch armour from c.1620. The decorative arrangment of the rivets forming a triangle or diamond on the lowest lame is also found on Dutch tassets. Unlike Dutch tassets, these examples are slightly deeper and are attached to the breastplate by a single riveted hinge rather than leathers. Found associated with III.4182.